ESAF Pratteln im Baselbiet

From August 26-28, 2022, Pratteln will be the center of Swiss sports, culture and festive joy. That is when the Swiss Federal Wrestling and Alpine Festival (ESAF) Pratteln will take place in the Basel region. The ESAF Pratteln im Baselbiet is one of the largest sporting events in Switzerland and attracts several hundred thousand visitors each year.

ESAF Pratteln im Baselbiet stands for:

  • One of the biggest Swiss sporting events
  • Huge response in the national media
  • For three days the center of Swiss sports, culture and festive joy
  • Several hundred thousand enthusiastic visitors

wilhelm magazine



The ESAF Pratteln in the Basel region has an official festival guide in the form of Wilhelm Magazin. The magazine is enclosed with 16 newspapers and magazines and thus reaches almost 2 million loyal readers in the most important economic regions of Switzerland. The target audience is not only wrestling fans, but the broad masses, especially the young generation.

Publication: CW32 11.08 / 12.08. / 14.08.2022

The official festival guide

In the Wilhelm Magazine, you place your brand in the midst of editorial and brand-safe content about the ESAF and the wrestling sport. The high-quality content and appealing design offer an effective advertising space for your print ads.

This is what the magazine will look like
Editorial concept

The modern, pictorial magazine informs and creates anticipation for the biggest Swiss wrestling festival.

These exciting contents await you:

  • Captivating portraits and background stories:
      • A ride with the king - we accompany the reigning wrestling king on tour.
      • Hard shell, soft core - who are the bad guys outside the ring?
      • The wives of the wrestlers - who wears the breeches at home?
      • Father and son - Stefan Burkhalter and his son Thomas compete together in Pratteln
      • The Portuguese - Thiago Vieira, an exotic among the wrestlers
  • Around the festival - exciting information, facts and figures

  • The festival guide - an overview of the festival grounds and the festival program

The magazine is enclosed with Tamedia's high-quality daily and Sunday newspapers and in Schweizer Familie. In this way, print ads reach your target group throughout Switzerland.

Readers: 1,837,000
Edition Copies: 850,000

Advertising offers

As official media partner of the Eid. Schwing- und Älplerfest Pratteln im Baselbiet, you will benefit from numerous content-driven advertising offers with a high media presence, which will focus on all important wrestling festivals, report on them and therefore get a wide readership in the mood for the ESAF Pratteln im Baselbiet.

Benefit from the huge resonance of this event in the Swiss media landscape with the following and even more advertising offers.

Display Ads

In previews, interviews, live stories and highlights of the most important wrestling festivals, you are present with your display ads and advertise on the pulse of the emotional events around the ESAF Pratteln im Baselbiet.

Wilhelm Magazine

The Wilhelm magazine is the official festival guide of the ESAF Pratteln im Baselbiet 2022. Place your customized content campaign in this unique environment, which is second to none.

Print ads In the wrestling environment

We also enrich print readers with news about the individual wrestling festivals. They benefit from cross-media synergies and additional reach.

Wrestler Video Format Digital & Social Media

An editorial video format portrays and interviews the wrestlers in 10 episodes throughout the period May - August 2022 and raffles the limited tickets to the community. The format will be published in D CH via 20 Minuten Digital and 20 Minuten Social.

Influencer Marketing

Selected Influencers leave their stylish outfits for the wrestling festival at home, slip into their wrestling pants and carry the sport to the young world of Instagram and/or Tik Tok. Your brand is always linked in the posts.

20 minutes quiz

The interactive moderated quiz is integrated 24h live in the 20 minutes app during a runtime of 5 to 10 days. As a partner, you help determine the questions and answer options.

Contact possibility

Would you like to place your brand in the environment of the ESAF Pratteln im Baselbiet? Contact us now and we will work out a tailor-made concept together. We look forward to working with you.

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