Courtyard Cinema

The Hofkino at the Landesmuseum in the heart of Zurich offers 25 days of pure cinema and culinary delights. The gastronomic offer is already accessible at noon, and in the afternoon the gastronomy tent becomes a nomadic office coffee for those tired of working from home. In the evening, the focus is more on cinema.


The Hofkino brand stands for:

  • 25 days of cinema and culinary delights in historic surroundings in the heart of Zurich
  • Modern and trendy concept for all those who like to consume and go out, those who are brand-conscious and those who are interested in film and gastronomy
  • Sustainability: operation with renewable energy, sustainable gastro concept, no foodwaste, sustainable infrastructure, etc.
  • 15 000 - 30 000 enthusiastic visitors annually

Benefit from a modern concept that will attract an urban and consumerist target group every year. We place your brand in the environment of the Hofkino and reach every target group with our partners and our strong brands from 20 Minuten to Spotify.

Hofkino contact option

Would you like to place your brand in the environment of the Hofkino? Contact us now and we will work out a tailor-made concept together. We look forward to working with you.

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Marco Gasser
Managing Director Goldbach Content & Sponsoring
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