Selfie Hotel

Selfie Hotel is fun, good mood and adventure. It's where you meet friends, family or your favorite person - privately or for the latest business idea. But the Selfie Hotel is also a new and modern concept with a massive social media footprint. More than twenty different Selfie Spots are available for the guests and enable creative and media-effective storytelling via different channels.

The Selfie Hotel brand stands for:

  • Contemporary concept with massive social media appeal
  • Twenty selfie spots for creative and media-effective storytelling
  • Wide reach for your content across different channels like Instagram or TikTok
  • Fun, good humor and adventure

Benefit from the Selfie Hotel's social media appeal and place your brand in this modern and contemporary environment. Together with our other partners and our strong brands, we reach every target group.

Contact Selfie Hotel

Would you like to place your brand in the environment of the Selfie Hotel? Contact us now and we will work out a tailor-made concept together. We are looking forward to the cooperation.

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Mirjana Elmer
Key Account Manager
Goldbach Manufaktur AG - Küsnacht
Goldbach Manufaktur AG