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BUZZWORDS simply explained: Ad Impressions in the "One to Many" Medium

Ad impressions or ad views are terms familiar from programmatic online advertising. But they are also used in digital out-of-home. You can find out more about the differences here.

Ad Impressions

In traditional online use, ad impressions are the number of times an ad is called up on the ad server. The number of times individual ads are called up is usually recorded on ad servers, making them measurable ad media contacts. Since ad impressions are purely visual contacts of the advertising messages, they are sometimes also called ad views. But this is not the case with digital out-of-home, which, unlike online, is a "one to many" medium....

What is “One to Many”…

At airports, shopping malls or public places, the played advertisements are of course not just aimed at a single recipient, but at all the people who are there. This makes the DOOH advertising medium a mass medium or a "one to many" medium. One ad impression therefore automatically generates several ad views.

How do you calculate ad views and CPM?

The value of advertising is often calculated according to the cost-per-mille (CPM). In the DOOH sector, the ad impression stored on the server is multiplied by the average number of viewers. This then results in the ad views, which together with the previously determined CPM calculates the value of the playout.

The number of ad views is an important indicator for planning a DOOH campaign. This means that the number of ad views can be determined on the basis of the desired advertising pressure and budget.

In addition, once a campaign has been completed, the ad views can be used in conjunction with other performance values (in combination with mobile, leads, sales and orders) to determine conversion ratios. This allows the efficiency of the individual advertising media and media channels to be assessed and, if necessary, optimized.

Where are we headed in the future?

The trend is clearly moving in the direction of dynamic multipliers. With our "Addressable Gate TV", we are already replacing the static multipliers at airports with dynamic real-time data that describe the current situation on site.

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