Taking small steps toward greater environmental protection

Know that June 5 is World Environment Day? Compared to some rather trivial topics with their own holiday, World Environment Day is extremely important. Since 1972 it reminds us how fragile our environment is and how much we can pollute or protect it with our actions.

Edible juice bottle made from potato peelings

Sweden-based startup Tomorrow Machine has developed a bottle made from a potato starch-based material called "GoneShells." The "GoneShells" container is designed to store food products such as juice. Once empty, the bottle can be peeled off like an orange peel and eaten, composted or dissolved in water and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. The packaging is currently in a prototype stage. Together with juice company Eckes Granini, there are plans to use the prototype for Granini's Brämhults brand in the future.