Advanced TV DACH Study 2024

Awareness and use of connected TV remain at a high level in the DACH region, as Goldbach has already demonstrated in the last waves of its study series. The current seventh edition of the Goldbach Advanced Study shows that advertising on connected TV is perceived and accepted much more strongly by respondents compared to the previous year.
The results of this year's study show once again that connected TV plays an important role in the media mix in order to address specific target groups, such as cord cutters and heavy streamers, who can hardly or no longer be reached via other channels. In addition to the previous studies, the awareness of the advertising formats Connected TV Spots and Connected TV Ads was surveyed on the one hand and second screen usage during Connected TV consumption on the other.

This year there are three versions available for download:

  • The free short version Germany provides a short, concise overview of the most important figures and findings of the 7th edition, for the German market only.
  • The free whitepaper with DACH figures, on the other hand, is very comprehensive and covers every aspect of the study. The presentation covers the entire DACH region and looks at differences between countries.
  • The whitepaper with German figures, on the other hand, is also very comprehensive, goes into every aspect of the study and shows the high approval ratings for CTV use and advertising impact in Germany. You can purchase this version for 495 euros (plus VAT) via the online form (see below). Our publisher and tech partners can receive the whitepaper at a separate price on request.

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