LooLoo Kids: the new CTV channel for kids and parents!

LooLoo Kids is one of the top 3 most popular kids channels on Samsung TV Plus. 100% music, 100% animation, 100% preschool!

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7th Advanced TV Study 2024 available!

The 7th edition of the Advanced TV Study is here! Find out all the insights and facts about Connected TV and the advertising impact on CTV.

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DOOH can also be sustainable!

The digital out-of-home media category already offers several advertising placements that enable customers to advertise in a climate-neutral environment. Find out more about our "green" DOOH portfolio!

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Your advertising message to the right target group

As a technology-oriented advertising marketer, we play out advertising messages intelligently and scalably on all video-based platforms and offer you a diverse moving image product portfolio that ranges from digital out-of-home, online video and advanced TV to a versatile linear TV offering. The focus is on contacts, addressability, technical solutions and automation in order to show our consumers the right message on the right screen at the right time.

Media Kit 2024

You can download our 2024 media kit for Online Video & Connected TV, Digital out of Home and linear TV.

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Digital out of Home
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Online Video & Connected TV

Our offer for advertisers

  • High-reach DOOH channels
  • Attractive TV topic environments for optimal target group addressing
  • Advanced TV offerings designed for interaction
  • High-quality online video environments with efficient targeting
  • Multiscreen optimized delivery
  • Data-driven targeting
  • Online extension of DOOH and TV campaigns
  • Programmatic advertising playout

News & Insights

Stay up to date with the advertising world thanks to our articles, learn about the latest advertising trends and check out our best cases.

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In recent years, video consumption has undergone significant changes, as demonstrated by the 7th edition of the Advanced TV Study. Learn more about this in the interview with Mario Neumann!

The Goldbach Advanced TV Study makes it clear: Advertising on Connected TV is becoming increasingly effective

Goldbach conducted the 7th DACH-wide Advanced TV Study in January 2024. High CTV awareness and usage, as well as increasing advertising perception, make the medium attractive for advertisers.

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How popular Connected TV is

The Goldbach Advanced TV Study demonstrates high acceptance for TV offerings with digital applications. Get an overview of the key findings in the interview with Mario Neumann.

Trends in April – Recycling

Global Recycling Day took place on March 18. To mark the occasion, Trendnews in April will be showcasing exciting recycling trends.

Placing advertisement Q&A

What is moving image advertising?

Moving image advertising are advertising formats that are created in the form of videos or animations. Moving image advertising is particularly attention-grabbing, as movements and sounds particularly strengthen the attention of viewers. Advertising that is animated or in video formats can have a wide variety of goals. Some advertisements are purely for informational purposes, while others are intended to promote products or brand image.

Moving image advertising is often considered one of the most effective forms of advertising, as it is more appealing to viewers and can thus hold their attention.

Why book advertising?

Advertising helps brands communicate their products/services to their target groups. 

Above all, brand awareness counts as one of the biggest arguments. Through advertising, companies can reach people and convey their brand message. In the best case, brands become better known and gain more customers. 

Likewise, advertising should be done if companies want to reach their target group more easily. Companies naturally want to advertise exactly where their target group is disproportionately available. Nowadays, technology is so advanced that data and technology take over the playout of advertising. This is called programmatic advertising. 

Of course, advertising also helps to increase sales. If you place ads, you hopefully reach new potential customers, who in turn provide potential sales. 

A final and also great benefit of advertising is brand loyalty to its target group. Advertising can help customers build an emotional connection to the brand. Brand messages do a lot here to gain the customer's trust!

How to book advertising?

Advertising is usually booked with a so-called CPM, cost per mille. This price indicates how much 1,000 contacts cost. The prices can vary depending on the time, day of the week or vacation period. If you book advertising programmatically, then the prices vary, because on the basis of different booking options, a customer can set their own parameters.

More information about programmatic booking you can find here!

Which media genre is best when advertising?

If you want to advertise, then you can choose between many different advertising formats and advertising platforms. Each media genre has its advantages and disadvantages, but it is basically to decide what is the goal and target audience of the advertising. 

TV advertising is still known as a good advertising medium. Above all, the environment in which the advertising is placed is of great importance. Many TV channels have focused on a thematic world, such channels are called Niche TV channels. These TV channels have specialized in topics in order to reach a top target group. Advertising in such environments is particularly effective, because the target group is already entertained in the thematic environment. More information about niche TV channels here!

Digital out of Home (DOOH), is known as a mass medium. Outdoor advertising has a particularly strong impact, as advertising messages are perfectly conveyed through large and impressive screens. In DOOH, programmatic bookings are possible in order to play out advertising to the optimal target group. 

Advertising in the online sector is a great advantage for advertisers. Above all, targeting is particularly strong, as brands can describe their target groups perfectly and thus only people who have been specified by the brand are shown the advertising. Programmatic bookings are also possible here, thereby reducing the advertising budget for advertisers.

Advanced TV or Connected TV is a younger media genre. A variety of targeting options help advertisers to play out their advertising in the best possible way.

What is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising is the automated buying and selling of digital advertising space. To be more precise, it involves the automated and ideally data-driven targeting of advertising media contact opportunities.

Programmatic advertising enables a high degree of flexibility, efficiency and minimizes wastage. The relevance of the message increases and the individual campaign success can be enhanced as a result. These effects can be maximized through the intelligent use of data.

You can find more information about Programmatic Advertising here!