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The somewhat different vacation trends - In September we have trends around the topic of vacation.

Goldbach markets CityBreeze: First campaign with RECUP

Goldbach is now marketing four LED screens with moss filters in Leipzig's Allee-Center.The special feature: Real moss filters the air and the steles in the Allee-Center are powered by green electricity.

Trends in August

Machines that look into the future for us - sounds scary, but it can save human lives. Read more in Trendnews August 2022.

Targeting (1).jpg
How advertisers can address even hard-to-reach target groups

In times of an ever more finely granulating digital target group approach, there are still: hard-to-reach target groups such as "cord cutters" in the TV sector or complete advertising refusers.

Trends in July

Wasting food is unnecessary and can be prevented! In the July Trendnews you will find examples of this.

Trends in June

A home that does the thinking for us? Whether desired or not, June's trend news features trends that go in exactly this direction.