Trend 2024: Merging CTV advertising in online marketing

The editorial team at OnlineMarketing.de asked the industry which topics and developments will be particularly important in 2024. Here are the experts' assessments on topics such as AI, metaverse, social media and more.

Mario Neumann, Director Business Development at Goldbach, expects an increased link between connected TV advertising and online marketing in the coming year. Predictive personalization will play a central role in this context, explains Neumann:

'I expect to see an even deeper fusion of connected TV advertising in online marketing in the coming year, characterized by cross-industry collaborations, innovative technologies and the use of supply-side data. These developments will include targeted ads, multi-channel strategies, interactive formats and data-driven decisions. This will enable advertisers to deliver their advertising messages consistently across different platforms and interact effectively with their target audience. In particular, improved cross-device tracking will facilitate the tracking of user activity across different devices, enabling more precise attribution and increased campaign performance - where I believe predictive personalization will play a key role.

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