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Advanced TV - the unique interaction with your target group

Advanced TV is the connection of the classic TV set with the Internet. The functions known from the Internet are thus also available on the smart TV.

Advanced TV includes various forms of streaming TV content, including Connected TV (CTV), TV Everywhere, Video on Demand (VOD), Programmatic TV and Addressable TV. Goldbach is referring here to the IAB's (Interactive Advertising Bureau) collective term for all forms of TV that are not watched on a TV set via a broadcast, cable or satellite connection.

The use of moving images is on the rise, with TV accounting for a large share. Streaming, i.e., non-linear TV, is rising rapidly. This createsthe opportunity to use the TV digitally and to measure the behavior of users. This new target group can be reached by advertising, which will never be possible with other streaming platforms. Take this chance and learnmore about our Advanced TV products in the "Products" tab.

Please also have a look at Advanced TV at our Goldbach colleagues in Austria and Switzerland - Advanced TV advertising campaigns can be played DACH-wide. You can also watch our recorded webinars at events and learn more about terms, usage patterns and content.

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Test your knowledge! Go to the quiz here

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Q&A about Advanced TV

What is Connected TV?

Connected TVs, also known as CTVs, are TVs that are connected to the Internet either via additional devices such as Blu-ray players, streaming boxes or sticks and game consoles, as well as Smart TVs that already have an integrated Internet function.

According to our Advanced TV Study 2023, awareness and use of Connected TV continues to be at a very high level. 80% of all respondents say they are aware of Connected TV and 61% also use it. Especially in the age group 16-49, the use of Connected TV is established (70%). At the same time, the intensity of use is steadily increasing compared to previous years: 57% of all respondents use Connected TV on a weekly basis, and about a third even use the additional functions on a daily basis (+5% YOY). In particular, households with children are among the strongest user groups. Here, daily use is 44% and has thus increased by 12% compared to the previous year.

More than half of Connected TV users are familiar with advertising in the Connected TV environment. Acceptance among 16-49 year-olds is up 4% year-on-year to 60%. Just under a third of respondents say they remember the advertising, talk about it with friends, find out about the advertised brand and ultimately buy the product.

What are CTV Channels?

Connected TV Channels are digital channels or broadcasters that make live or on-demand content - via apps or OTT (over-the-top) services - available to stream on CTV devices.

What are FAST Channels?

FAST Channels (Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV Services) are free, ad-supported streaming channels available through Connected TV platforms. They offer a wide range of linear programmed content from various genres and categories, including movies, series, news, sports and more, from a variety of different content providers.

What are CTV Ads?

Connected TV Ads are display areas in the user interface of Smart TV devices.

According to our Goldbach Advanced TV study, 82% of respondents access Connected TV via the smart TV device. Approximately half of the respondents start TV usage on the provider's user interface. Streaming apps, TV channel apps and web TV apps remain the most popular applications and are used for an average of 2.5 hrs. daily. At 2:51 hrs, respondents aged 16-29 say they spend significantly more time in the additional functions than in the linear TV program (2:18 hrs).

How much does CTV advertising cost?

For Connected TV spots, the following gross prices apply:

  • Run of Network: 100 € CPM
  • Run of Categories: 105 € CPM
  • Run of Site: 110 € CPM
  • Targeting surcharge per feature: 5 € CPM
What is meant by OTT?

OTT (over-the-top content) is the transmission of video and audio content over Internet access points without an Internet service provider being involved in the control or distribution of the content.

What does TV Everywhere mean?

Internet-based TV offering of live and streaming services via multiple devices, such as TV big screen, tablet, notebook (PC) and cell phone.

What does Addressable TV actually mean?

Addressable TV is a model of advanced TV. In this model, advertising messages can be specifically broadcast on the linear TV channel to specific viewers and target groups.

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