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How the CTV home screen becomes a discovery hub

Digital TV advertising has come a long way compared to traditional TV advertising. Marketers should pay particular attention to the home screen on CTV devices.

Which KPIs are relevant to measure CTV campaigns?

The penetration and popularity of Connected TV continues to grow rapidly. The question arises: which KPIs are used to measure CTV campaigns? Learn about all the KPIs in CTV here.

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How CTV can be integrated into online marketing campaigns

Advertising on connected TV (CTV) is now increasingly integrated into the media mix. Here are five things advertisers should know about integrating CTV into their campaign.

Buzzwords simply explained: Advanced TV

Connecting TV sets to the Internet opens up new opportunities for advertisers and agencies. In our Advanced TV glossary, we provide a brief overview of the new terms.

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FAST Channels and CTV Channels - what are the differences?

Connected TV, CTV, FAST channels and so on. A lot of terms are used in the CTV cosmos. Here we clarify the question whether FAST Channels and CTV Channels are the same thing?

Markenartikel interview about success factors of moving image advertising and the opportunities of CTV

MARKENARTIKEL magazine spoke with Mario Neumann, Director Business Development, about the success factors of moving image advertising and the opportunities of Connected TV.