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Goldbach is continuing the expansion of its Connected TV portfolio

Goldbach is continuing the expansion of its Connected TV portfolio and is now marketing the inventory of Titan OS as well as the inventory of CTV publishers Motorvision, LooLoo Kids and Scooore.

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Programmatic Advertising at Goldbach

Programmatic advertising has proven itself for years in the online sector and is now conquering younger digital moving image media. Learn more about Programmatic Advertising at Goldbach.

The transformation of TV: How CTV is transforming advertising

Compared to traditional, linear television advertising, connected TV (CTV) offers completely new opportunities to exploit the potential of digital advertising. Find out more in the guest article!

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How AI is becoming the superpower of programmatic advertising

Artificial intelligence has been used in programmatic advertising for years. But it will take on even more functions in the future. An assessment by Mario Neumann.

Trend 2024: Merging CTV advertising in online marketing

Mario Neumann, Director Business Development at Goldbach, expects an increased link between connected TV advertising and online marketing in 2024.

Merry Goldmas Video 2023

The entire Goldbach team would like to thank you for the trust you have placed in us and our industry. Please watch our funny Merry Goldmas-video 2023!