Attractive TV advertising formats for your message

Our diverse advertising formats offer you attractive advertising spaces to place your advertising message in an emotional and attention-grabbing way. Whether classic TV spots, broadcasting your message via aggregated advertising islands, or innovative creative advertising formats - you'll find the right option here.

Classic commercials

The classic TV commercial is the solid basis for your campaign. It generates a high reach with audiovisually transmitted messages, arouses emotions and demonstrably contributes to the sale of your products. Of course, we are also available to provide you with advice and support. Contact us today.

Advice for TV Spot Creation

In order to achieve the optimal attention for your TV commercial, you should consider a few points when creating the TV spot.

  • A clear message: the TV spot should convey a clear message that is easy to understand and memorable.
  • A strong visual impact: the TV spot should be visually appealing to captivate the TV target audience and get their greatest attention.
  • A strong voice and audio effects: a clear and concise voice, as well as appropriate audio effects, can help amplify TV advertising and further increase the interest of the target audience.
  • An appropriate length: the TV spot should not be too long, because the interest of TV viewers can be affected. 15-20 seconds is recommended.
  • A targeted approach: the TV spot should be aimed at the target group of the product or service and take into account the individual and specific needs of the TV target group.
Technical Specification
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EDI Programm - & Price Schemata

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