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Motorsport enthusiasts or cinema fans? Travel enthusiasts or health-conscious people? Sports fanatics and adrenaline junkies? On our TV stations, your advertising message reaches the desired target group in the right environment!

Niche TV Channels

What is the difference between a classic TV channel and a niche TV channel?

A classic TV channel is a TV channel that aims to appeal to a broad audience and usually offers a variety of programs aimed at a mass TV audience. 

A TV niche station, on the other hand, focuses on a specific topic, area of interest or target audience. A TV niche channel offers programs that are aimed at a concentrated target audience. Such as documentaries, sports programs or travel magazines. 

Another difference is that large TV broadcasters are usually significantly more expensive than niche TV broadcasters. The content on all TV channels, whether large channels or smaller TV channels, is now of the same high quality. Our TV portfolio has very high quality TV channels with high quality produced content.

What are the advantages of niche TV channels?

Niche TV channels are specialized TV channels that focus on a specific genre or audience. Unlike large TV channels that target a broad audience, niche TV channels reach a specific target audience. These TV channels offer several advantages. Niche channels develop a deep understanding of a topic that the TV audience desires and favors. Likewise, niche TV channels build a strong bond with their audience by offering special programs and interests. For advertisers, niche TV channels are highly relevant because they address a selected and interested target group. As a result, advertising is placed in a perfect environment, which is optimally tailored to the TV target group.

How does TV advertising perform on a niche TV channel?

Since niche channels are geared to a specific target group, advertising on these channels can be particularly effective because it is targeted at a specific group of viewers. If the advertising is also well done and relevant to this target group, this increases the chances of success.

How to book a niche TV channel?

TV niche channels can be booked easily via Goldbach. Goldbach has a large number of selected and qualitative TV niche channels. 

Booking is done via the TV booking tool "MYDAS". Please contact us, we will create your own MYDAS account for you: [email protected].

If you already have a MYDAS account. Here is the link to MYDAS: goldbach.cataneo.de

We will be happy to advise you!

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Unit Director TV
Goldbach Germany GmbH - Unterföhring
Goldbach Germany GmbH
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Elina Alyautdinova
Head of Client Management TV
Goldbach Germany GmbH - Unterföhring
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