Focus on special interest pay and free TV: High contact effectiveness

Enter the TV world with us. With passion and professionalism, we offer parallel marketing of pay TV and free TV in Germany. Our inventory includes strong station identities and high-quality, clearly defined target groups. Reach an attentive audience with your TV advertising via our stations with little wastage.

Relevance Special Interest TV Channels

Special Interest TV channels are specialized TV channels that focus on a specific genre or audience. Unlike bigger TV channels that target a broad audience, Special Interest TV channels reach a specific target audience. These TV channels offer several advantages. Niche channels develop a deep understanding of a topic that the TV audience desires and favors. Likewise, niche TV broadcasters build a strong bond with their audience by offering special programming and interests. For advertisers, niche TV channels are highly relevant because they address a selected and interested target group. As a result, advertising is placed in a perfect environment that is optimally tailored to the TV target group. This is a great advantage for advertisers!

Advantages of TV advertising on special interest channels

  • Targeted advertising & strong target group orientation
  • High attention and strong target group orientation
  • Conscious television
  • Emotional advertising impact thanks to combination of moving image and sound
  • Attractive price/performance ratio for your TV advertising
  • Specialized content: TV advertising within specific thematic environments
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You want to learn something about TV advertising? Feel free to click through our short informative TV explainer videos here and then secure your knowledge certificate with the help of the quizzes! However, watch out - the videos are in German!

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Q&A on TV advertising

Why book TV advertising?

A major advantage of TV advertising is the high reach you achieve with a TV spot. Television is still the number one leisure activity. In addition, TV's high reach allows you to quickly build up awareness of your product and brand.

Why book special interest TV?

Class instead of mass! Special interest stations address specific target groups. This allows brands to be advertised directly to the relevant target groups without generating large wastage. Another advantage: TV spots do not disappear in long advertising blocks of big brands, but are positioned in the environment of short advertising blocks.

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