TELE 5 is more than meets the eye

TELE 5 is the No. 1 movie channel with the most films on German free TV. More than anyone else, TELE 5 looks beyond the Hollywood horizon and shows previously undiscovered movie gems from all over the world. The passionate curation of a wide variety of film genres is particularly important to us - because TELE 5 has fiction in its blood.

The early evening series are cult and continue to offer reliability for all sci-fi fans. TELE 5 is the true home of SciFi on free TV. In-house productions made by TELE 5 are bursting with humor and experimentation. TELE 5 is the individualist among TV stations, standing out from the crowd with a strong character and inviting all viewers to celebrate TV moments together.

Deshalt convinces Tele 5

  • TELE 5 shows by far the most films on free TV. An average of 1,000 films are shown each year
  • Younger than the average TV audience, structural share: 2/3 male to 1/3 female gender split
  • TELE 5 is and remains fiction. TELE 5 thus retains the seal and remains the channel with the greatest fiction expertise
  • TELE 5 can be received via all TV distribution channels via satellite, cable, DVB-T or IPTV - every reception channel leads to TELE 5



Addressable TV

The best of both worlds! Addressable TV enables digital advertising delivery with advertising impact and targeting techniques in traditional high-reach linear television programs based on HbbTV.

Dynamic Ad Insertion

Dynamic Ad Insertion makes it possible to replace the advertising block of live linear television shown in the TV stream with target group-specific advertising content.