Goldbach SynchScreen

Goldbach SynchScreen enables advertisers to address users in parallel via second screen in conjunction with an ongoing campaign. This turns your TV spot or DOOH message into the starting point of a cross-channel, digital and mobile campaign, offering a wide range of possibilities for addressing customers. This is because a mobile-extended advertising message can aim to interact with the consumer, for example by playing out promotional offers or interactive banners.

Tell your story cross-media or pursue a cross-channel retargeting strategy to achieve your performance goals.

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Goldbach SynchScreen TV turns TV commercials into the starting point for mobile campaigns.

Why does SynchScreen TV make sense?

Studies such as the "Google Consumer Barometer" show that a relevant number of users surf the Internet parallel to TV consumption and prefer to do so with their smartphones. To generate this digital impact, we use SynchScreen to ensure that advertising is broadcast only in narrow time slots. This inevitably leads to significantly higher advertising pressure in the relevant window and consequently to measurably improved effects.

What traffic sources are used?

Reach is purchased programmatically - both on Goldbach's exclusive premium inventory in Switzerland and Austria and programmatically available, country-specific premium traffic and in the long tail. Therefore, both classic display and video placements are available in large numbers.

What goals can you achieve with SynchScreen TV?

Use TV commercials as a starting point for digital advertising; add interaction element to TV campaigns; initiate customer dialog; gain new KPI's; complement TV message with mobile storytelling; close spaces in competitive environment; re-targeting strategies.