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Goldbach Audience ÖWA RANGE UPDATE March 2022 - Duplicate

Goldbach Audience ÖWA Reach Update March 2022

Universal Pictures promotes Sing 2 with innovative mobile rich media ad campaign at Goldbach Austria

20 new locations from cooperation partner Aeneas - X1 The Mall Network expand the shopping mall channel of the Austria-wide Goldbach digital-out-of-home network.

15 Jahre Heute.at_Header.PNG
Over 4 million readers - Heute.at breaks the sound barrier-en

On its 15th birthday, the Austrian Web Analysis (ÖWA) shows Heute.at as having more than four million readers for the first time. That's a new all-time record.

Goldbach_Almer_Leitner-by-Sebastian-Philipp (1).jpg
Goldbach restructures management team in Austria

Goldbach Austria starts the new year by strengthening the management and expanding the circle of authorized representatives from its own ranks.

Already 3.9 million users - Heute.at remains by far the biggest online newspaper

The Austrian Web Analysis (ÖWA) shows Heute.at with 3.96 million unique users, a new all-time record for December 2021.

Heute.at is number 1 online newspaper in austria

Austrian Web Analysis (ÖWA) shows Heute.at as the highest-reach private media portal in November, with 3.8 million unique users.