Best of environments

We bundle selected websites into high-quality, topic-specific environments. These themed environments offer you the opportunity to address target groups precisely according to their preferences and interests. Get an idea of our repertoire.


The Best of Cooking environment is the website package for gourmets and cooking enthusiasts. Gourmets get their money's worth here and can indulge their passion for cooking.

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Economy & Investment

The Best of Economy & Investment environment is aimed at business enthusiasts and those interested in investing. Here, investors, speculators and investors are united in one channel.

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The Best of Entertainment environment brings together the most popular entertainment websites in Austria. The focus here is clearly on adventurous people and entertainment fans.

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As the name suggests, the Best of Family environment has something for the whole family. This website package contains tips on all aspects of the family and there is also plenty of family fun.

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Great content for the little ones! The Best of Kids environment bundles child-friendly content and consists of the kids channels from Pluto TV and Dailymotion as well as Nickelodeon and the TV Plus Channel Kixi.

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The Best of Living environment combines practical items for your own four walls. DIY, sport, relaxation and living - leisure activities are very important here.

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The Best of Men environment includes popular brands from the world of men. Themes such as television, sport and cars are guaranteed to make men's hearts beat faster.

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The Best of Motor environment primarily appeals to motor enthusiasts. Whether cars, bikes or motorsport - everything here revolves around moving machines on two or four wheels.

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The Best of Sports environment is aimed at sports enthusiasts and enables you to place your brand in the environment of sports enthusiasts.

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The Best of Women environment focuses on various topics such as fashion, beauty care, cooking, health, lifestyle, living and babies.

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The Best of Youth environment is aimed at Generation Y, Z and the young at heart. Music, film, television and video - this website package caters to the interests of teens and twens.

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Run over Network

If you are not looking for a specific target group, there is also the option of communicating via our entire network.