Crossmedia advertising

Synch it!

Our cross-media products SynchScreen TV and SynchScreen DOOH are fully geared towards the end customer. Accompany your consumers on their customer journey with our cross-media offering and place your message in a data-supported and appropriate way on every reception device. We extend your TV, online or DOOH campaign to your target group's mobile device in real time.

Data also provides important insights into interests and user behavior and thus forms the basis for addressing customers at the right time and in the right place.

Good to know

According to the Mobile Communications Report 2019 by the Mobile Marketing Association Austria and MindTake Research, a whopping 97% of Austrians currently use a smartphone. Of these, 97% of Austrians regularly surf the internet on their smartphone. Among 15-29-year-olds, the figure is even 100 percent. Its use also has a strong local connection, such as weather, navigation, etc.

Advantages of cross-media advertising

  • Increased range
  • Promote interactions between customer and brand
  • Increased relevance of your advertising message
  • Time-, location- and context-based targeting options