Advanced TV

Big Screen Digital Advertising

Advanced TV is the connection of the classic TV set to the Internet. The functions familiar from the Internet are thus also available on the TV. This offers advertisers new interactive advertising opportunities: After the TV commercial - which is designed to be interactive - has been played, the viewer can be taken to the company website or a landing page with special offers, for example.

Connected TV has long since conquered its place in the living room. 74% of all DACH households have at least one Internet-capable TV set. Particularly interesting: compared to the previous year, the number of a second device in the household has increased by 43% (even 47% in Austria) according to our current Advanced TV Study. Regular and daily use is also increasing strongly and acceptance as an advertising medium is high.

The best of both worlds:
We offer you different attention-grabbing placements on Smart TV that are already familiar from the online world. Let our offer inspire you and enable potential consumers to have a unique brand experience. We will be happy to advise you.

*Study "Advanced TV - Digital TV has arrived (2021)".

Advantages of Advanced TV Advertising

  • Exclusive brand experience on the big screen
  • Non-competitive environments
  • 100% Viewability & 100% Brand Safety
  • Known advertising formats & targeting criteria from the online world
  • Advertising effect in lean back atmosphere
Connected TV Spots

Our CTV Spots network offers instream advertising in streaming offers on TV. It therefore optimally combines the strengths of TV and digital. Reach the target group of otherwise hard-to-reach TV streaming users with your advertising message.

Smart TV Ads

Extend your campaign effectively into Connected TV with our Smart TV Ads. Through the prominent placement on the start screen of all Samsung and LG TVs, your ads will be noticed even before apps are opened or TV programs are selected.

Addressable TV

The best of both worlds! Addressable TV enables digital advertising delivery with advertising effectiveness and targeting techniques in traditional high-reach linear TV programs based on HbbTV.

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DAZN offers a unique combination of TV & Digital: high reach, professionally produced content, sound measurement and innovative products. Book your campaign on premium sports environments and reach exclusive target groups with your brand.