Online advertising

Precise and omnipresent

Today, practically everyone is online. At home on a tablet or smart TV, at work and, of course, on the move via smartphone. For example, we search for real estate on online portals, cook online recipes, find out about new DIY trends or get tips on health and wellness. And this is precisely the strength of online advertising: your advertising message reaches a wide audience and at the same time, thanks to targeting, you can reach the people you want where you expect to have the greatest advertising impact.

Let us advise you: We stand for high-quality, high-reach networks, data-driven solutions and many years of experience in marketing online media.

Advantages of online advertising with Goldbach

  • 450 million video views (Video Network = Instream, CTV Outstream, according to Adserver) and 320 million impressions per month (Display Network, according to Adserver)
  • Premium partner with high-quality content
  • With targeted targeting to conversion
  • High visibility through continuous measurement and optimization of playout
  • Brand safety for your brand
Goldbach Display Network
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Goldbach Video Network