Of course programmatic

Our products can also be booked programmatically.

Programmatic advertising is the automated buying and selling of digital advertising space through algorithms. To be more precise, it involves the automated targeting of individual advertising contact opportunities in real time. The entire process takes place within our own platforms provided for programmatic advertising.

We rely on private deals and private auctions, in combination with targeting from the data management platform and special forms of advertising. The focus is on efficient targeting with transparency, high-quality environments and local service.

Frequently asked questions

How can I make programmatic purchases from Goldbach Inventory?

Goldbach's digital inventory is available via Google Ad Exchange and Xandr to all programmatic buyers who make purchases through a Demand Side Platform (DSP).

What is the advantage of private deals over OpenRTB in terms of Goldbach's inventory?

Via the open marketplace (OpenRTB), advertisers have the option of booking the individual pages (Run of Site), as well as the Goldbach Network (Run of Network) programmatically.

Further placements, such as individual sections of the pages, e.g. "News", "Sports", "Business" or our Audiene Targetings can be obtained via a private marketplace (PMP/ Deal-IDs).

Who can I contact if I want to purchase through Deals?

Our sales department will be happy to advise you at [email protected]

What information is required for deal creation?

- Seat name and ID of the DSP used in the Google AdExchange and Xandr.

- The desired formats

- The desired placements (websites/ headings/ targetings)

Which branding formats can be purchased programmatically?

In addition to Halfpage Ad, formats such as Billboard, Instream (Preroll, BumperAd) or Outstream as well as CTV spots are also possible programmatically.

What are the reasons why the received deal IDs do not receive impressions or bid requests?

- Were the deals created on the right Seat?

- How high is our bid? Are we bidding above the deal's floor price?

- Do the formats used correspond to the stored formats of the deal?

- Are special advertising media used that cannot be played or must be released?

Who do I contact if I have further problems with the deals?

In this case, contact [email protected]

Where does the data come from that is offered by Goldbach as audience targeting?

Third-party data from our publishers is stored in all sold audience targeting deals. This data is collected anonymously on our publishers' websites and aggregated into audiences in our DMP.