DMAX austria - real men's worlds.

DMAX Austria stands for really cool formats with tough guys in the leading roles.

From hard-nosed gold diggers in Alaska to crafty used car tuners and survival heroes. Here, action & adventure, car & entertainment fans get their money's worth. And since 2014 in Austrian free TV: Schneller-Lauter- DMAX Austria!

Target group

73,4 %
E3+ men
26,6 %
E3+ women
38 years
Average age
0.8 % MA
Core target group M20-49
985 thousand
widest viewing audience in the core target group

Source: AGTT/GfK TELETEST; Evogenius Reporting; 01.01.2021-31.12.2021; person-weighted; including VOSDAL/Timeshift; standard

How to receive DMAX Austria


DMAX Austria can be received via cable and satellite. Free program lists for most satellite receivers and TV sets with built-in satellite tuner are offered by ö

Reception parameters of DMAX Austria via satellite
- Astra 19.2° Ost
- Frequenz: 12.148,00 MHz (T87)
- DVB, QPSK, horizontal
- FEC 3/4, 27,5 MSymb

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