Smart TV Ads

From reach boost to brand involvement

Extend your campaign effectively with Smart TV Ads. Reach viewers every time they switch on their Smart TV and actively search for content. The display and video advertising spaces placed on the start screen in the Smart Hub become a full-screen video with one click, with the option of redirecting the user to a landing page or a brand app. There, the user can interact with the brand.

Our premium partners Samsung have a combined market share of 52% in this country.

The exclusive data obtained from this makes it possible to target segments such as linear TV viewing behavior, app usage or gaming preferences. Light linear TV users and heavy streamers, who are rarely reached by traditional TV advertising, can thus be selected and targeted via Smart TV ads. The ads also guarantee 100% viewability and brand safety.

Why book Smart TV Ads?

  • Prominent placement on the home screen of all Samsung TVs
  • RW of 2.5 million smart TVs throughout Austria
  • Direct targeting of TV streaming users possible
  • 100% Viewability & 100% Brand Safety
  • Advertising perception in lean-back atmosphere
  • Designing an exclusive brand experience

Price list

Smart TV Ads



1st Screen Universal Guide Ad

The Universal Guide is the starting point for every action on the Samsung Smart Hub. The video ad starts automatically and is enlarged to a full-screen video when an action is performed.

1st Screen Launcher Ad Tile

Display Ad in the Samsung Launcher Bar. When navigating over the ad, it enlarges and also starts a video ad in preview which changes to a full-screen video ad when action is taken.

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