We bring your brand to the target group - with Comedy Central Austria, DMAX Austria, TLC Austria, KURIER TV, HGTV, TELE5 and the German signals from DMAX and TLC.


DMAX Austria

DMAX Austria stands for really cool formats with tough guys in the leading roles. From hard-boiled gold prospectors in Alaska to crafty used car tuners and survival heroes. Action & adventure, car & entertainment fans get their money's worth here. And it's been on Austrian free TV since 2014.


TLC Austria

TLC is the world's largest entertainment brand for women. It is all about real-life entertainment with innovative programs and authentic protagonists. The program includes internationally very successful formats as well as German in-house productions. TLC Austria shows real life: surprising and different. Viewers can expect to see fashion trends, unusual life plans, moving stories, cooking and baking ideas as well as family stories.


Comedy Central Austria

The program mix of the most important entertainment brand for young adults combines quality, variety, fun and humor. Whether successful US sitcoms and series, stand-up comedy, mockumentaries, channel highlights such as "South Park" and "Modern Family" or in-house productions such as "Stand-Up 3000". Comedy Central Austria is guaranteed to keep you laughing 24 hours a day.



KURIER TV, with KURIER Medienhaus in the background, offers regional television with a focus on the eastern region of Austria. Founded in 1997, the station has already been on the market for 25 years and is characterized above all by its regional, personal and diverse programmes. The aim is to let people from the region have their say.



HOME & GARDEN TV offers entertaining, appealing and inspiring home and lifestyle content from the areas of dream home design, house flipping, living dreams and cooking & enjoyment. It celebrates the home - not only the place but also the people and the feelings that make it special.



TELE 5 is the top address for fiction and sci-fi on free TV and the No. 1 feature film channel with the most films ever. More than anyone else, TELE 5 looks beyond the Hollywood horizon and presents previously undiscovered film gems from all over the world. The passionate curation of a wide variety of genres of films is particularly important - because TELE 5 has fiction in its blood.


DMAX (German signal)

DMAX stands for real men's worlds like no other channel in the German-speaking world. Provocative, different and loud: With its unique program portfolio, consisting of the adventure, motor, entertainment, lifestyle and knowledge genres, DMAX surprises time and again with a balanced variety of German and international non-fiction programs.


TLC (German signal)

TLC, the world's largest entertainment brand for women, stands for 100 percent real-life entertainment and shows real life in all its facets. The channel provides surprising and different insights into different worlds and lifestyles. Whether moving fates, extraordinary life plans, family stories, exciting true crime series, gruesome mystery cases or the best lifestyle programs on the topics of home and garden, renovations as well as cooking and baking shows - TLC shows pure life: real and unadulterated.