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DMI, Goldbach and Ströer establish joint company IDOOH

Munich, February 10, 2022 - The "Institute for Digital Out of Home Media" is to further establish Digital Out of Home as a high-reach and high-impact medium in the German advertising market. The first goal of IDOOH is to create a uniform currency for the DOOH market. A high-reach B2B campaign accompanies the launch.

The German digital out-of-home industry is joining forces: The Digital Media Institute (DMI), Goldbach Germany and Ströer have founded a joint company under the name "Institute for Digital Out of Home Media" (IDOOH). The aim of the new company is to strengthen the DOOH market and to drive and support its further development. To this end, a joint DOOH reach study is to pave the way for the creation of a uniform currency for the DOOH market. Furthermore, the establishment of standards and comprehensive research work on future topics of advertising on digital media are in the foreground. The Institute for Digital Out of Home Media speaks for almost the entire DOOH industry and is open to all industry participants.

The launch of IDOOH is accompanied by a wide-reaching B2B communication campaign: At the center of the campaign are two spots that will be played out specifically on the digital out-of-home networks in the largest German agency cities, creating awareness and arousing curiosity about IDOOH. This will be accompanied by a digital presence in the trade press and on social media, as well as a mailing with in-depth information about the new company and its goals.

The following DOOH providers are participating in the launch campaign: Ambermedia, Ambient TV, Cittadino, Deutsche Hochschulwerbung, Edgar Ambient Media Group, echion, ECN, Goldbach, HYGH, inovisco, mc R&D, Neo Advertising, novum!, Piranha, Ströer, Stuttgart Airport, TV Wartezimmer, UZE, Viewento.

Under the umbrella of IDOOH, three of the most important representatives of the DOOH market in Germany work together: DMI, as a network for decision-makers from all areas of digital media, brings together not only the medium-sized and smaller DOOH providers, but also the most important specialist agencies and ad tech companies. As a technology-oriented marketer, Goldbach plays out advertising messages intelligently and scalably in four moving image media. Contacts, addressability, technical solutions and automation are the focus in order to show consumers the right message at the right time. With its public video network alone, Ströer is by far the largest provider of digital outdoor advertising in Germany and is regarded in this country as a pioneer and the strongest driver of the digitization of Out of Home.

DMI managing directors Nadia Abou-El-Ela and Frank Goldberg will take over the management of IDOOH, which was founded on January 1, 2022.

"With IDOOH, we are not only taking a big step towards integrating a DOOH market that was previously clearly fragmented," explains Frank Goldberg, Managing Director DMI. "With IDOOH, an association is now active that can take care of the Digital Out of Home medium in a focused way and with full responsibility towards customers and media agencies. By the way, we are not a closed society: any of the market participants can join us - either in IDOOH itself or in the Digital Media Institute, whose members are also represented in IDOOH via DMI."

Robert Stahl, Managing Director Goldbach Germany, on the founding of IDOOH: "We are very pleased that the medium of DOOH is now being made standardized, transparent and easily accessible for advertisers and agencies through IDOOH. The newly collected KPIs lead to a simplification of planning for agencies and customers and offer increased planning security. As a technology-driven marketer, we see that Programmatic DOOH is a fast-growing market and the demand of standardized processes and a single currency in this area is increasing."

"DOOH is a digital product with analog OOH reach. Our experience shows that customers have an increased need for flexibility, short notice, granularity and automation without sacrificing the reach of a mass medium. The strong demand for digital outdoor advertising continues unabated - this is why a focus on DOOH is necessary now," says Alexander Stotz, CEO of Ströer Media Deutschland.

Visit IDOOH at www.idooh.media