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Data-based, real-time advertising playout in Programmatic DOOH

Take advantage of the high flexibility of programmatic bookings on almost 1,700 screens in our MALL Channel, City Network as well as our Premium Airboards and  Mercedes Platz. Further channels are currently being rolled out.

Our system is compatible with all current CMY systems - unique in the German market.

You can buy programmatic DOOH inventory online via your DSP, either deal-based or auction-based:

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You decide how many contacts you want to achieve at which time at which touchpoint through Programmatic DOOH. You manage and optimize the campaign yourself, or you can use our managed service. Billing is based on the individual contacts and the individual campaign CPM, which is calculated from your targeting requirements.

In our article Buzzwords explained simply Programmatic DOOH we classify the most important technical terms and translate them into the DOOH context.

What is Programmatic?

In addition to the classic booking process by request, digitization has also made enormous progress in DooH in recent years. The programmatic booking option in DOOH offers many new possibilities that are constantly evolving. With Programmatic DOOH, it is possible to adjust playout based on data in real time, buy advertising space variably, and use the motifs dynamically.

How does Programmatic work?

There is the SSP (Supply Side Platform) and the DSP (Demand Side Platform). The SSP receives information every second about how much free advertising space is available on the programmatically connected screens and sends this information to the DSP. In addition, DMPs (Data Management Platform) can be used to exchange information about who is in front of the screen and when, what the weather is like, and much more. Via the DSP, advertisers can bid on the free spaces, using different targeting options the advertising spaces through various targeting options. This purchase of advertising space therefore does not guarantee fixed broadcasts at specific times, but only broadcasts the respective advertising message if the customer requirements for the advertising space are met.

In our portfolio, the Mall Channel, Mobility Channel, our City Network as well as the Mercedes Platz are programmatically connected.

SPECIAL: Open Auction

In the Open Auction, the marketer enables an open group of bidders to bid for its inventory. The marketer offers the inventory via its SSP (supply-side platform), which can be purchased via a connected DSP (demand-side platforms).

Bidding is on a single playout that delivers multiple AdViews through the "one-to-many" situation.

The highest bidder is awarded the contract, whereby his or her bid is currently valued at only €0.01 to the second highest bidder - this is called the Second Price Auction procedure and should be familiar to everyone from the Ebay auction platform. However, discussions about the First Price Auction have already reached the market.

The motif of the "winner" is then played out in real time - subject to motif approval, which at best has already taken place in advance.

Digital out of Home Media kit and Location List 2024

On request, we will be happy to send you the Digital out of Home media data and the 2024 location lists. Please click on the desired media data and location lists and enter your e-mail address.


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