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Digital out of home (DOOH) - the digital version of outdoor advertising

DOOH stands for Digital out of Home, i.e. digital outdoor advertising on screens in public spaces. Classic DOOH advertising can be found at a wide variety of touchpoints such as malls, train stations, supermarkets, beverage markets and many more. Our portfolio covers these touchpoints in cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Düsseldorf and many more. DOOH advertising enables emotional and dynamic outdoor advertising. Broadcasting can be adapted to different data such as weather, day, location and frequency. This means that advertising messages can be targeted and distributed particularly quickly. The customer journey can be shaped via everyone's everyday life, because DOOH is encountered by everyone: in waiting situations, on the way to work, while shopping or during leisure time. Above all, DOOH target groups are reached immediately before consumption situations. Since about 70% of purchase decisions first take place in the store, outdoor advertising therefore reaches consumers at an important point in their decision-making process. While other one-to-many media are currently losing reach, DOOH is convincing with its large reach in almost all relevant target groups. People are becoming more mobile and active and are easy to reach, especially in public spaces.

With over 2,800 screens in Germany, we can bring advertising messages to high-quality advertising environments. We take care of booking, billing and reporting for your DooH campaign. Find the right DooH solution together with us.

New in our portfolio: Advertise from now on with our Mobility Channel at TotalEnergies and in our CityNet to reach a very urban and mobile target group! 

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Digital out of Home Media kit and Location List 2023 & 2024

On request, we will be happy to send you the Digital out of Home media data and the location lists. Please click on the desired media data and location lists and enter your e-mail address.

Advantages of outdoor advertising

  • Mobile target group is reached throughout the day
  • High attention through emotional video messages
  • Enormous ranges thanks to highly frequented locations
  • Flexible and short-term advertising playout possible
  • Increasing development of new locations
  • Outdoor advertising is quick and easy to book
  • Diverse environments for every target group

DOOH Channels

We bundle our outdoor advertising portfolio into channels so that you can place your digital billboard advertising in a more relevant thematic environment.

This is an excerpt from our channels.


DOOH Best Cases

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Outdoor advertisement can also be sustainable

The latest technologies and innovations show that outdoor advertising also offers optimal advertising opportunities for climate-neutral campaigns. With CityBreeze and e-charging stations, DOOH advertising can be placed in a sustainable environment!

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Are you interested in placing DooH advertising?

We will find the right solution with you. Regardless of where you are in your campaign planning. We are happy to be there for you. Contact us without obligation.

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What is DOOH advertising?

DOOH advertising stands for "digital out-of-home advertising" and refers to the use of digital ads on public screens and advertising spaces outside the home, such as in shopping malls, airports, subways, and transportation hubs.

What are the advantages of DOOH advertising compared to traditional outdoor advertising?

DOOH advertising offers the possibility to display dynamic and interactive content. It enables targeted advertising based on location, time of day and target groups. It also enables content to be updated in real time. This solution is known as programmatic advertising.

What are the types of DOOH advertising spaces?

DOOH advertising spaces are diverse and include digital billboards, LED screens in stores, video walls in shopping malls, digital advertising in cabs and public transportation, and digital billboards in high-traffic locations.

How does the distribution of DOOH advertising work?

DOOH ads are controlled via a network of advertising space operators and marketers. Content is uploaded digitally and can be updated in real time.

How can the impact of DOOH advertising be measured?

The effectiveness of DOOH advertising can be measured using KPIs such as impressions, reach, interactions, and conversions. The use of tracking technologies and surveys can also be useful.

How is the target group addressed in DOOH advertising?

DOOH advertising enables the targeting of audiences through the use of data and location information. This can be achieved, for example, by displaying ads for local stores in the surrounding area.

How do I find the right DOOH advertising provider for my business?

When choosing a DOOH advertising partner, you should consider the reach, technical capabilities, price-performance ratio and experience of the provider.

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