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Our Advanced TV inventory is available for both traditional and automated programmatic buying.

Programmatic advertising: automation and data-based targeting make advertising more efficient and effective. Based on the available user data, advertising banners or commercials are delivered specifically tailored to the user.

  • Automation is realized by technical systems (Supply Side Platform=SSP, Demand Side Platform=DSP) that trade advertising in real time and on the basis of individual ad impressions.
  • On the SSP, publishers offer their inventory. Advertisers or agencies decide on the DSP which impressions they want to buy and at what price.

Advantages of Programmatic Advertising

  • Programmatic advertising enables continuous market processing. Campaigns no longer have a start and end date, but the advertising pressure is controlled and optimized as needed. Users can thus be guided individually through the customer journey in the sense of 1:1 marketing and campaigns can be continuously optimized by means of A/B testing.
  • Probably one of the most central differences between classic media planning and programmatic advertising is that the measurement and evaluation of advertising measures can be carried out almost entirely by the customer or the agency. In theory, at least, this makes it possible to measure and evaluate individual ad impressions according to customer-specific KPIs.
  • The use of data not only makes it possible to avoid wastage, but also to individualize communication with the user. Technologies such as Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) make it possible to automatically adapt the creation to the respective user and thus make advertising more relevant and useful.

The most important terms in programmatic advertising

In our article Buzzwords simply explained: Programmatic online video, we categorize the most important technical terms. Nevertheless, here is an initial selection of the most important terms from programmatic advertising.

What is an ad request?

The ad request is a measure of online usage. It measures the exact call-up of an advertising medium (e.g. a banner) requested by the ad or advertising medium server.

What is an ad server?

An ad server is a specialized server that is equipped with appropriate software and is responsible for the delivery and processing of advertising media. It collects data such as ad impressions, ad visibility and ad clicks, which are used for reporting and analysis.

What does Open Auction mean?

In principle, the publisher or marketer gives all bidders connected to the respective SSP access to the inventory on offer. The classic eye-for-an-eye principle applies here; there are no direct relationships or pre-negotiated conditions. 

What is a private auction?

Only selected customers, agencies or DSPs are admitted to the private auction, so the number of bidders is limited. Here too, the highest bidder wins the auction.

What is a Preferred Deal?

In a preferred deal, there is a direct connection between buyer and seller, whereby the purchase is made at a predetermined CPM (price per thousand contacts). The buyer can optimize data independently via the DSP and is not obliged to accept every bid request. A minimum booking volume is set for the duration of the campaign.

What does real-time bidding (RTB) mean?

This process is known as programmatic bidding. Advertisers can bid for available ad impressions, but at the same time are in competition with other advertisers. The advertisement is evaluated and the bid is submitted in real time.

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