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XPLORE, Hip Trips and One TERRA also on free TV from March 1, 2023

Goldbach and HIGH VIEW expand their marketing cooperation

Munich, February 27, 2023: The independent media company HIGH VIEW is expanding the distribution of the channels XPLORE, Hip Trips and One TERRA via satellite on Astra 19.2. The channels are bookable across platforms by technology-driven moving image marketer Goldbach. 

"Expanding distribution to include TV as a mass medium for our very successfully established FAST-TV channels is an important step. The reach of the satellite enables us to build relevant coverage for the channels on the big screen. With the combination of TV and CTV, for example, we reach target groups in different age segments via the various distribution channels. The channels are marketed by Goldbach across all platforms, and agencies and advertisers can book advertising space through Goldbach as the central marketer. We are looking forward to expanding the marketing of our target group spectrum with strong partners at our side and to jointly developing new standards for playout and measurability," says Ulrike Unseld, who heads marketing and the music portfolio at HIGH VIEW.

Frank Möbius, Managing Director of Goldbach Germany GmbH: "A content and target group oriented combination of classic linear TV and advanced TV is becoming increasingly important for the media mix. We are pleased to be able to market the inventory of HIGH VIEW channels XPLORE, Hip Trips and One TERRA in both areas and to jointly tap the growth potential that results from the combination of playout channels."

What can viewers expect in the offerings and where can they be received:  

XPLORE shows travel documentaries and reports about people and regions and offers practical travel tips and information. The world's most beautiful places are explored here, from spectacular natural sites to metropolises around the world. XPLORE is available free-to-air on Astra 19.2, as well as LG, Samsung/TV Plus, Dailyme, Philips, Rakuten, waipu.tv, and Xiaomi.

Hip Trips offers exciting reports about tours, whether by motorcycle, train, car, boat, canoe or bike. World travelers, adventurers and daring long-term travelers report on their risky trips, extreme adventures and extraordinary routes. In addition to Astra 19.2, Hip Trips can also be received for free via LG, Samsung/TV Plus, Philips, Rakuten and Xiaomi.  

One TERRA shows unusual stories and encounters. The channel presents the exciting lives and daily routines of extraordinary people around the world. Colorful stories that life writes. Travels, rituals and celebrations with people from all over the world. In addition to Astra 19.2, One TERRA can also be received via LG, Samsung/TV Plus, Rakuten, waipu.tv and Xiaomi.


The reception parameters of the transmitters:

Orbital position: 19.2° East

Satellite: Astra 1L Tp. 1.118

Frequency: 12699.00 MHz, V-Pole

Symbol rate: 23.5 Msym/s

Modulation: DVB-S2, 8PSK, FEC 3/4


HIGH VIEW's portfolio includes media offerings on all relevant platforms, from free TV to pay TV, from online to mobile apps. The focus is on music and factual entertainment offerings. DELUXE MUSIC, SCHLAGER DELUXE, Jukebox, Gute Laune TV, DELUXE LOUNGE, DELUXE DANCE BY KONTOR, DELUXE FLASHBACK, DELUXE ROCK, DELUXE RAP and just.classical are already part of the company, as are the documentary channels Bergblick for people interested in the Alps, XPLORE for travel and adventure programs, and they have developed the WAIDWERK brand for hunters and anglers and JUST COOKING for culinary enthusiasts. In addition the marks belong Hip Trips and One TERRA to the Portfolio of the owner-led medium enterprise.


About Goldbach Germany GmbH
As a technology-driven marketer, Goldbach Germany plays out advertising messages intelligently and scalably on all video-based platforms, offering a diverse moving image product portfolio ranging from digital-out-of-home, online video and advanced TV to a versatile linear TV offering. Contacts, addressability, technical solutions and automation are the focus to show consumers the right message at the right time on the right screen. Goldbach Germany GmbH is a subsidiary of Goldbach Group AG based in Küsnacht, Switzerland. Goldbach Group AG operates mainly in Switzerland, Austria and Germany and is a TX Group company.