The Advanced TV study by Goldbach
makes it clear: advertising on connected TV is
becoming increasingly effective

Advertising marketer Goldbach conducted the DACH-wide study on advanced TV for the seventh time in January 2024. In addition to the consistently high level of awareness and use of connected TV (CTV), the increasing advertising perception and acceptance were striking, making the medium particularly attractive for advertisers.

Unterföhring, April 09, 2024 - In January 2024, advertising marketer Goldbach Group AG conducted its seventh DACH study on the use and distribution of Advanced TV (ATV) - the internet-based playout of TV content. In addition to the consistently high awareness and use of connected TV (CTV), i.e. TV sets that are either connected to the internet themselves or via an additional device, an increase in advertising perception and acceptance was also noted. Advertising awareness rose to 51%, which corresponds to an increase of 10% compared to the previous year. Among the young target group of 16-29 year olds, awareness is even higher at 53% (an increase of 16%). A country comparison shows that Germany has the highest level of advertising awareness at 54%, an increase of 11% compared to the previous year.

The acceptance of advertising on CTV has also increased. 52% of CTV users (respondents who use the additional functions on a CTV) stated that they were completely fine with advertising on the additional functions of CTV, such as apps or video-on-demand offers. This corresponds to an increase of 4% compared to 2023. The highest figures were recorded among 16-29-year-olds (54%) and households with more than three people and households with children (56% each). Around two thirds of study participants who use at least one paid app also stated that they would accept advertising on currently paid apps if they could consume the content for free.

Also of interest to advertisers: just under half of CTV users (49%) said they found advertising on CTV useful and a still significant 41% said that advertising on this medium was helpful.

Smart TV remains the most popular access

Smart TV is the most popular connection type among CTV users at 75%. Streaming boxes and games consoles follow with 32% each. Samsung remains the most frequently used brand among smart TV users, followed by LG and Sony. When it comes to streaming boxes, the Apple TV Box is slightly more popular than Magenta TV and the Amazon Fire TV Cube, while the Sony Playstation is ahead of the Nintendo Switch and Xbox when it comes to games consoles. Cord cutters, who no longer have a conventional TV connection (cable or satellite), are an interesting target group here: they account for 27% of respondents in the entire DACH region.

Significant use and awareness among households with children

The study shows high results among the young target group of 16-29-year-olds and households with more than three people or with children. This is no different for awareness and use of CTV. With a general awareness of 72% and usage of 56%, the values remain consistently high. For households with more than three people, they are slightly higher at 76% (awareness) and 63% (usage). The same applies to households with children (77% and 66% respectively) and 16-29 year old viewers (73% and 61% respectively). Together with the 2.2 people who, according to the study, sit together in front of CTV on average, these results clearly show that CTV is a classic one-to-many medium.

The length of stay is just as constant. While last year respondents stated that they spent 2:21 hours a day in front of CTV, this year the figure was 2:23 hours. CTV is used the longest by 16-29 year olds (2:54 hours) and women (2:35 hours). Second screen usage was also surveyed for the first time this year.

The results for this and the detailed results of the entire DACH study can be downloaded from the Goldbach website https://goldbach.com/de/de/advanced-tv-dach-studie.

About the study

Goldbach has been conducting the Advanced TV Study since 2017. This year, 3500 people (1500 from Germany, 1000 each from Austria and Switzerland) aged 16-69 across the DACH region took part in the study. They were surveyed online on the topics of "Awareness, type and use of connected TV", "Ownership of internet-enabled TV sets", "App use on internet-enabled TV sets" and "Perception and assessment of advertising in the area of additional functions on connected TV". The survey took place in January 2024.


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