The Mobility Channel

A diverse range of indoor and outdoor advertising at TotalEnergies ' Mobility Hubs with over 1,500 screens!

Gas stations have long since ceased to be mere fuel suppliers. In the past, gas stations only had a few pumps and a cashier's booth. But over time, the design, product range and business model have changed. In addition to car washes for the care of cars, they are one thing above all: local suppliers.

So they are undergoing a transformation into a mix of convenience store and mobility hub. They are increasingly becoming a port of call for people who want to stock up on essentials while on the move or benefit from long opening hours and short distances.

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Also part of the Mobility Channel are the screens at e-charging stations. New innovative advertising spaces are being created more and more, including now on e-charging columns from fast-charging infrastructure provider Numbat. At Goldbach, you have the opportunity to place advertising messages on e-charging stations for EVs (Electric Vehicles).

The mobility revolution is in full swing and so is the opportunity to create advertising in new environments. Outdoor advertising is especially helpful to reach and address mobile target groups, which is exactly what is achieved with screens on e-charging stations. Here, advertisers reach the target group in a waiting situation - so the advertising can be perceived optimally.

The screens at e-charging stations can currently be found in supermarket parking lots of the popular organic retail chains Feneberg and tegut. Additional locations with other partners are being expanded. In addition to POS locations, the expansion of the network also takes into account other locations that allow the e-car charging process to be conveniently integrated into everyday life.

The high-quality DOOH screens in our Mobility Channel have a high and broad coverage in the city center as well as in the countryside. This means that your advertising is always visible and the high-frequency locations guarantee a high campaign reach.

Outdoor screens in the Mobility Channel


Mobility Hub: Input / Output

At the entrance and exit of the petrol station, high-quality DOOH screens directly entertain the target group and form the ideal combination with the screens in the interior.


Mobility Hub: Cash Screens

On the sales floor and when paying at the checkout, the DOOH screens are always directly in the field of vision and cannot be overlooked. Therefore, place your advertising message where it is guaranteed to be seen.


Mobility Hub: Bistro Screens

Directly above the sales areas of the bistro, the high-quality DOOH screens entertain the clientele, thus making optimal use of the waiting situation.

MC_ELadesäule_Feneberg Sonthofen 5.png

Screens at e-charging stations

The 75-inch screens on e-charging stations can currently be found in supermarket parking lots of the popular organic retail chain Feneberg.