Goldbach Round Table: Advanced TV - Dynamic Ad Insertion

We gave a "sneak preview" of a new, targeted form of advanced TV advertising at a round table event: Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI). This is currently being tested in a pilot phase together with technology partner A1 and two portfolio partners and will soon be available to advertising customers. DAI makes it possible to play spots on TV sets in a personalized and targeted manner, depending on the target group. After all, mass media does not have to mean mass advertising. The expertise of marketing professional Goldbach and technology leader A1 complement each other in the development of this innovation in the advanced TV sector.

Under the title"DAI - A Future of TV" , our series of specialist events on May 10, 2023, this time focused on Advanced TV: Dynamic Ad Insertion as an Advertising Medium. Representatives from A1 Telekom Austria (Matthias Lorenz), the Goldbach Group (Jochen Witte), Warner Bros. Discovery (Markus Spangler) and Goldbach Austria (Wolfgang Pernkopf ) gave an outlook on a TV advertising form of the near future.

Here you can access the written summary of the event.