New industry charter outlines the collective purpose and commitments of multiplatform TV and audio companies worldwide

egta, the international organization for multiplatform TV and audio companies, announces the launch of its Industry Charter, marking a significant milestone in its 50-year history. Unanimously adopted by over 180 companies in more than 40 markets, this landmark document outlines a visionary roadmap for the continued success of multiplatform TV and audio in today's rapidly changing media industry.

A collective vision for multiplatform TV and audio

The egta Industry Charter represents a unified vision and shared commitment from multiplatform TV and audio companies worldwide. In an era of rapid media transformation and fragmentation, egta members are determined to drive the industry forward with confidence and purpose.

The charter focuses on five priorities that are critical to the success of multiplatform TV and audio companies in tomorrow's media and advertising landscape:

Creating quality experiences
Leveraging creativity, innovation and technology to provide enjoyable cross-platform experiences for audiences while delivering customized solutions that meet brands' business objectives.

Improve measurement
Focus on measuring people across devices to understand incremental reach, developing outcome-based KPIs, collaborating on comprehensive video and audio measurement solutions with media owners committed to trust and transparency, and striving for cross-platform measurement as a long-term goal.

Optimize buying processes
Help customers maximize investments in multiplatform TV and audio by aligning product definitions and standards, providing strategic advice on value creation, facilitating access to inventory and promoting privacy-compliant use of data.

Demonstrate impact and effectiveness
Advocate for results-oriented approaches, propose solutions that meet business objectives, develop tools for data-driven insights into media campaign results, foster collaboration on effectiveness studies and promote the value of multiplatform TV and audio.

Promote and participate in ESG
Helping organizations integrate environmental and social goals (ESG) into their businesses, providing solutions for brands to achieve their ESG goals, promoting environmentally friendly advertising practices, and advocating for inclusion and accessibility in the industry.

Official launch: An open invitation to collaborate

The egta Industry Charter was unanimously adopted at this year's Annual General Meeting and announced last week during the 50th Anniversary CEO and Top Executives Summit in London.

egta invites all industry partners who share its values and ambitions to join this transformative journey. By aligning with these key priorities, egta aims to foster collaboration that drives long-term growth and sustainability for multiplatform TV and audio companies.

"Celebrating egta's 50th anniversary called for symbolic and meaningful initiatives. Redefining egta as an international trade organization for multiplatform TV and audio companies was an essential first step. Defining and agreeing on five key priorities on which to focus our efforts, aligning on definitions, standards and ambitions, and inviting the whole industry to work together around clearly identified goals, seemed the obvious next step. As an industry organization, we are proud of this achievement and hope that we can all contribute as partners to the future success of our sector."

Katty Roberfroid, Director General at egta

Industry leaders support the charter

The vision and goals outlined in this charter were developed through a series of working groups with valuable input from industry leaders and senior media executives who shared their valuable expertise. The Charter is supported by all egta member companies as well as the Global TV Group and the World Radio Alliance.

Experts and thought leaders from various markets have expressed their support and enthusiasm for the egta Industry Charter.

About egta

egta is the international trade organization for multiplatform TV and audio companies, representing more than 180 members in over 40 markets. egta members are multiplatform TV and audio companies operating at the intersection of traditional TV and radio and digital video and audio platforms. Multi-platform TV and audio combine linear and on-demand services across all screens and platforms.

egta's mission is to enable members to thrive and grow while connecting their audiences and services with brands and contributing to a healthy and sustainable media industry. egta is a knowledge exchange and innovation center for its members and the industry as a whole. Through its unique network of experts, egta fosters collaboration and engages with policy makers to advance the industry through benchmarking, alignment of standards and cooperation.

50 years of egta

This year egta celebrates its 50th anniversary - half a century of resilience, collaboration and progress, and an opportunity to reflect and adapt approaches for the years ahead. Founded in 1974 as the European Group of Television Advertisers, egta has undergone profound growth and transformation. Today, egta's membership comprises over 180 multi-platform TV and audio companies in Europe and beyond, with 12 new members joining the network in the last year.

To celebrate 50 years of evolution and growth, egta recently released its new corporate identity, reflecting the dynamic media landscape of its diverse membership. The redesign journey included a new logo, tagline, definition, mission statement and imagery, as well as the launch of a brand new website with a fresh new look and feel.

You can download the charter here