Trend highlight November 2021

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Smart Surroundings - Intelligent Environment

Today, our environment is hyper-connected. Everywhere in our daily lives - whether at home, in stores or in public spaces - there are technologies that help us in some way. Read more about these technologies in the November Trend News.

Paying with an implant in the arm

Polish-British start-up Walletmor has developed a biocompatible NFC implant that EU and UK citizens can use to make contactless payments. "Walletmor" is half a millimeter in size and includes circuitry and an antenna in the form of a metal shell. The outer layer is made of a biopolymer. It can be ordered online and linked to an iCard app by entering an activation code, which serves as a digital wallet within the EU. "Walletmor" meets ISO 10993 standards for biocompatibility and is intended to be used by specialist:s listed by the startup.