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Trendnews June 2021 - Data Era

The amount of data is growing every day. Whether people, animals, devices or machines - there are vast amounts of data on everything. The intelligent and sensible use of this data is one of the most important challenges. How can data be used as effectively and efficiently as possible without compromising data security? Find out about approaches to this in the June Trend News.

Paying with your own data instead of money

The Spanish agency Shackleton, part of Accenture, has developed the "Data Pro Quo" vending machine with the innovation team Kenai Workshop and the Evoca Group, in which users pay for products with their data. Snacks are paid for by entering one's e-mail address or occupational status. For headphones, a questionnaire must be filled out. The questions adapt to previous answers. The vending machine was developed for B2B environments and, in addition to conveying the value of data, is intended to actually collect data from agency clients. A first version of the vending machine is in Accenture's Digital Hub in Madrid.