1.5M society - remnants of the pandemic

The time with Corona has changed a lot in our society. Wearing masks, limiting contact and keeping your distance were and are part of everyday life. This also has an impact on our economy. People are increasingly buying online, retailers will have to rethink. In the March Trendnews there are already some examples of successful rethinking.

Robot restaurant for athletes

The organizers of the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games have opened a robotic restaurant for athletes and media representatives attending the Winter Olympics to reduce contact as part of coronavirus measures. Food is prepared in the kitchen by a robot and then automatically transported to the table via a system of rails on the ceiling, where it is carried to the table on ropes. The order can also be picked up directly at a pass-through at the robotic kitchen. In addition, a robotic bartender is also in use, which can mix and serve cocktails within just 90 seconds.