Trend highlight October 2021


Planet Centricity - Our Planet at the Center

What do woolly mammoths, urine, sweat and tears have in common? They all help us save our planet from extinction. Don't you think so? Then take a look at the trend news in October and see for yourself.

Club taps energy from revelers

Glasgow nightclub SWG3 wants to tap into revelers' energy to power its heating and cooling system. Called "Bodyheat," the system uses heat pumps and fluids to capture body heat from revelers. The combined energy is channeled into twelve 150-meter-deep boreholes beneath the venue. This heat can then either be used immediately to cool the crowd or stored underground. It will remain there until it is needed to heat the building. In this way, SWG3 aims to save around 70 tons of CO2 per year and plans to become a completely carbon-neutral venue.