Goldbach Display Network

More than just a standard discipline

Online display advertising supports advertisers' campaign goals with highly visible advertising on thematically relevant websites. But display advertising is not just display advertising: Only by targeting customers in the right environment and with the right advertising format is your brand communication optimally supported.

Our display network has a total reach of more than 162 million impressions and 6.1 million unique users (Reppublika February 23) and, in addition to Classic Ads, also includes Creative Ads and the attention-grabbing special advertising formats.

Why book display advertising?

  • More than 162 million impressions across the entire display network
  • Brand safety through contextual targeting
  • Premium partner with high-quality content
  • High visibility through continuous measurement and optimization of playout
  • Known and learned advertising formats

High visibility and strong impact

With our display advertising formats.

at-display classic ad-werbeformat-laptop.png


IAB-standard ad formats meet the general guidelines and recommendations for creating online display ads. Since these formats can be easily incorporated into the various online platforms, they enable particularly efficient campaign management. Our Classic Ads Bundle consists of Superbanner, Medium Rectangle and Skyscraper.

at-display creative ad-werbeformat-laptop.png


Generate increased attention with our Creative Ads consisting of Billboard, Halfpage Ad or Sitebar (scalable) and create a higher acceptance with your target group.