Goldbach Video Network

The triumph of moving images continues

Online video makes it possible to stage advertising messages emotionally and play them out on every screen. Advertising in editorial environments ensures a credible and consistent brand presence. And since today's users are mobile and use different devices, our entire advertising playout is also geared towards multiscreen.

It's not just the fact that all screen variants are covered that makes the Goldbach Video Network unique. With over 210 million views per month, its reach is also the largest in the country, making it the high-quality alternative with brand safety to the well-known US video portal.

The Goldbach Video Network is made up of the products Goldbach Instream, Goldbach Outstream and Goldbach Connected TV Spots. Each of these is a separate network of selected partners that can be booked across the board.

Why book video advertising?

  • More than 137 million views/month (instream)
  • More than 95 million views/month (outstream)
  • Connected TV spots on the network
  • Quality partner in Austria and Europe
  • Brand safe, as no user-generated content
  • Non-skippable PreRolls
  • Programmatic bookability
  • High viewability

Quality and reach on all screens

With our video advertising formats.



Instream formats such as pre-, mid- or post-roll ads are placed before, during or after video content directly in the moving image content. We use established technologies such as VAST 3 and VPAID. Benefit from the relaxed usage situation of the users and their attention and engagement with the advertising content.



Outstream ads are integrated into the editorial content of a website and are considered particularly user-friendly. The ads blend into the natural flow of reading and thus generate a high level of attention.

at-ctv spots-werbeformat-tv.png


Our CTV Spots network offers instream advertising in streaming offers on TV. It therefore optimally combines the strengths of TV and digital. Reach the target group of otherwise hard-to-reach TV streaming users with your advertising message.