Entertainment Pure: Comedy Central Austria

Comedy Central Austria has only one mission: to make life funnier, every day!

The programming mix of the most important entertainment brand for young adults combines quality, variety, fun and humor. Whether it's successful U.S. sitcoms and series, stand-up comedy, mockumentaries, channel highlights like "South Park" and "Modern Family," or in-house productions like "Stand-Up 3000." Comedy Central Austria is guaranteed to strain your laughing muscles 24 hours a day.

Position your brand in this environment that is guaranteed never to get boring.

Target group

66 %
E3+ men
34 %
E3+ women
32 years
Average age
1.4 % MA
Core target group M18-39
303 thousand
Widest audience in the core target group

Source: AGTT/GfK TELETEST; Evogenius Reporting; 01.01.2022-30.04.2022; person-weighted; including VOSDAL/Timeshift; Standard

How to receive Comedy Central Austria


Comedy Central Austria can be received via cable and satellite. Free program lists for most satellite receivers and TV sets with built-in satellite tuner are offered by österreichliste.at

Empfangsparameter von Comedy Central Austria über Satellit
- Astra 19.2° Ost
- Frequenz: 12.148,50 MHz (T87)
- DVB-S, QPSK, horizontal
- FEC 3/4, 27,5 MSymb

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