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BUZZWORDS simply explained: Programmatic DOOH

DIGITAL OUT OF HOME (DOOH) has been an integral part of the media landscape for over 20 years. In the last 5 years a form of booking from the online sector has established itself in our industry: Programmatic Buying. For a long time, it was a marginal topic, but now the subject has outgrown its infancy and offers exciting possibilities if you know how it works. More and more terms are appearing, some of which are taken from the online world, which does not mean it is one and the same thing. In this short digression we want to explain and translate the most important technical terms correctly in the context of our DOOH

What exactly is...?

Programmatic Advertising
Programmatic advertising is the automated buying and selling of digital advertising space. To be more precise, it involves the automated and data-supported targeting of individual advertising contact opportunities. The entire process takes place within dedicated platforms provided for programmatic advertising.

Programmatic buying/selling
Programmatic buying/selling refers to the automated sales or purchasing process that is handled exclusively via a DSP (demand side platform = buyer side) and SSP (supply side platform = seller side).
Relevant DSPs offering DOOH inventory include Splicky, Active Agent and Adform.

Real-time bidding (RTB)
This is the name given to the process of programmatic bidding. Advertisers have the opportunity to bid for the available ads, but compete with other advertisers at the same time.
competition with other advertisers at the same time. The advertising insertion is evaluated and the bid is submitted in real time.
Auction-based purchasing is currently only possible for Goldbach inventory and via Splicky. Other DSPs will follow suit.

Ad server
An ad server is a server with software that is responsible for the delivery and processing of advertising material. The ad server stores data such as ad impressions, ad visibility and ad clicks, which are used for reporting.

And how does that actually work...? 

Open Auction
Open auctions allow anyone to bid for inventory. The circle of potential buyers is not restricted and the highest price bid wins the advertising space.

Private Auction 
The private auction limits the number of bidders in DOOH. Only invited customers / agencies / DSPs are admitted. Here, too, the highest bidder is awarded the contract.

Preferred Deal
Here, there is a one-to-one relationship between the buyer and the seller and purchases are made at a previously agreed CPM. The buyer can optimize independently on data on the DSP side and is not obliged to accept every bid request. A minimum booking volume in the campaign period is agreed.

Private Deal
Guaranteed inventory can be purchased at a fixed price. Likewise, the buyer agrees to purchase the campaign budget as part of the deal.


Claudia Zayer, Unit Director DOOH at Goldbach:"Displaying advertising programmatically in public spaces is gaining further traction through auction-based buying models. The use of data and other triggers makes it possible to target completely individual audiences and offers enormous efficiency advantages and 100% flexibility compared to deal-based campaigns."


What are the advantages of Programmatic Advertising in DOOH?

Programmatic advertising enables a high degree of efficiency through the use of data and it minimizes wastage. The relevance of the message increases and the individual campaign success can be enhanced. For the first time in outdoor advertising, detailed reporting over the entire duration of the campaign enables optimization options in real time. Dynamic motifs can be integrated without additional effort and allow individual motifs for every occasion. We achieve a degree of flexibility of 100%, as the campaign strategy can be adapted at any time. The traditional timeline logic and network booking are broken. This means that the advertiser alone decides on which screen and at what time he wants to place his advertising message.

Questions about all these new DOOH booking opportunities - feel free to contact: [email protected]

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As a technology-oriented marketer, we at Goldbach not only offer our DOOH portfolio via an automated buying process. CTV and online video contacts can be bought programmatically as well. You can find out what the programmatic online video offer looks like and which terms are important here in our article BUZZWORDS simply explained: Programmatic Online Video.