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Programmatic advertising in the online sector

The triumph of moving images on the Internet continues: Video content is taking up more and more space on all screens, in line with today's information and consumer behavior. Video advertising is therefore more important than ever for advertisers. With our data-driven and contextual targeting approach, Goldbach offers efficient targeting as well as positioning in high-quality online video environments.

Whether instream or outstream: video makes it possible to use advertising messages in the form of moving images, in branded environments and on any screen. Thanks to multi-screen, user groups are reached via desktop, mobile web and in-app.

Always on point thanks to targeting

Our wide range of targeting options enables precise playout to the desired target group without major wastage. The advertising message reaches potential customers at the right moment and in the right environment. As part of our data management, we offer target group segments that are formed from first party data. Here we work with data from Nielsen (via SpotX). The definition of the right target group is always individual and product-dependent. We select by geo-targeting, by socio-demographic characteristics or contextually.

Online works analogously to Advanced TV

The way online works is analogous to programmatic booking in Advanced TV. On the one hand, it categorizes based on the type of inventory and on the other hand, it categorizes based on the pricing model. The pricing models range from fixed prices to a price set during the auction by the highest bidder.