Goldbach Austria becomes exclusive marketing partner of Digilight

The already more than 10-year cooperation between Goldbach Austria and Digilight is raised to a new level with the exclusive marketing of all national campaigns. As a result, 12.3 million gross contacts (14-day)* of the Digilight screens available throughout Austria can now only be booked via the Goldbach network. Regional campaigns will continue to be implemented by Digilight itself and Goldbach as secondary marketer. Goldbach's position as the country's widest-reach digital out-of-home marketer is more than consolidated by this step.

"We decided to enter into this close cooperation because we see Goldbach Austria as a strong partner. We are united by the will to further expand the relevance of DOOH in Austria's advertising market. Digilight's strength in regional marketing and Goldbach Austria's experience and strength in servicing national customers complement each other ideally," says Digilight CEO Kurt Schügerl, convinced of the success of the intensified cooperation.

The cooperation currently involves 326 screens at 198 high-frequency locations throughout Austria. These are large digital surfaces on streets and squares as well as screens in city centers, at train stations and shopping malls, in public offices and in schools.The high-quality sites are also integrated into the Goldbach DOOH network and are used primarily in the City, Roadside, Public Buildings and School channels. Channel marketing in the network results in meaningful, efficient synergy effects for individual marketing offers and, at the same time, high-reach thematic environments for advertising customers.

Digital out of Home Austria success story

Digilight is not only the oldest digital out-of-home advertising network in Austria, but has also covered all the provinces with its own screens from the very beginning.

"Goldbach and Digilight have written digital outdoor advertising history together over the past 10 years and made this media genre big in Austria. The technology, hardware and targeting options have developed enormously in recent years and contributed to professionalization," says Josef Almer, Goldbach Managing Director, summing up the development of the digital out-of-home media genre, which has been driven forward significantly and successfully in his company.

Today, for example, advertising customers have the standard option of booking time slots, or playing out individually adapted subjects according to weather conditions. "The programmatic integration of the Digilight screens is currently being worked on at full speed, so that booking and integration into Goldbach's programmatic DOOH network will soon be possible," Almer concludes, allowing a glimpse into the near future.

* Source: Ambientmeter, target group E14-69