KURIER TV and Goldbach Austria put marketing on a new footing

On the occasion of the marketing launch, we and KURIER TV invited to the joint program and advertising presentation

As of July 1, KURIER TV is placing its marketing agendas in the hands of Goldbach Austria. To mark the occasion, an agency breakfast was held to provide an overview of the cooperation, and to present program highlights and new advertising opportunities.

In addition to versatile special advertising formats, which allow content integration in all facets, for example, more advertising blocks are now available. With its own motion-picture production offering, which includes a studio and a camera team that travels to the customer or the desired location, for example, the company offers full service in production and feature design.

Overall, the advertising portfolio includes both linear and addressable TV formats. In addition to classic TV spots in the commercial blocks and versatile special advertising formats, Addressable TV circuits enable digital delivery with advertising impact and control techniques within the TV program based on HbbTV with various targeting options.

"We are convinced that KURIER TV - with its programming established for more than 25 years - represents an incomparable environment, especially for campaigns with a focus on Eastern Austria.With our special advertising formats, we optimize the success for campaigns in this exciting target group," says Wolfgang Pernkopf, who is responsible for marketing as Sales Director TV & Advanced TV at Goldbach Austria, about the prominent new addition to the TV portfolio.

KURIER TV's diverse programming covers a wide range of topics and is particularly suitable for addressing the 45-plus target group. KURIER TV viewers show an above-average interest in the region and society, in culture and business, are characterized by a preference for regional specialties, focus on regional quality and are also willing to spend money on it. It is open-minded, but also relies on traditional values.

Programming on KURIER TV is broadcast around the clock and includes new broadcast formats such as daily info and service magazines. The 8:15 p.m. slot is devoted to KURIER Checkpoint, documentaries on travel, home or culinary arts. Self-produced documentaries with the beauties of Austria, exciting life stories and a lot of regionality round off the program. KURIER NEWS and KURIER Talks deal with explosive topics of the day. "Regional kompakt - Das Regionalmagazin" INSIDE, the politics and business magazine with a regional focus, freizeit Magazin, the lifestyle magazine, and futurezone, the technology magazine, set additional focal points analogous to KURIER's established print and online brands.