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Premiere: Kia uses new L-Frame advertising medium on DAZN

To promote the new EV9 model, Kia is the first mover to use an L-frame campaign during German Bundesliga matches on DAZN.

Car brand Kia is taking advantage of the increased attention that predominantly male viewers tend to pay to soccer matches on TV to introduce its new EV9 model. The highest possible visibility is ensured by the L-Frame advertising format just launched by DAZN and Goldbach Austria, which is superimposed directly over the screen.

A new car and live soccer at the highest level - what more could a man's heart desire. This unbeatable recipe for success is used by Kia to promote the EV9. The campaign is therefore particularly well suited for the premiere of our new L-Frame advertising format, which Kia is now using as a first mover on DAZN.

says DAZN Sales Manager Christoph Perstorfer, describing the campaign

"For the first time in DAZN's history, it is possible to book an L-frame. The goal of the campaign is to pick up the viewers where the attention is very high. In this context, we succeed in doing so with the use of the L-frame from Kia at the live games of the German Bundesliga," adds Dejan Savic, Key Account Manager TV & Advanced TV at marketer Goldbach Austria, on the advantages of the new advertising form.

The campaign under the slogan "Built for the future. The all-electric Kia EV9." runs from September 29 to October 22, 2023, with Havas Village Vienna acting as the managing agency. On the part of Kia, Head of Marketing Bernhard Brückl is responsible for the innovative campaign and is satisfied with the offer of the sports live stream provider: "We are pleased about the opportunity to use an unprecedented form of advertising for our new model and promise ourselves a particularly high acceptance in the relevant target group. The L-Frame Ad reaches our viewers with guaranteed attention and at the same time adapts wonderfully to the screen without obscuring important soccer moments for the viewer."

Kia Austria: Bernhard Brückl, Marketing Manager
Havas Village Vienna: Fabiola Schieß, Senior Digital Media Consultant
Goldbach Austria: Dejan Savic, Key Account Manager TV & Advanced TV
DAZN: Christoph Perstorfer, Sales Manager; Marko Hanke, Client Services Manager