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Strong growth from the start at CANAL+ FIRST

Launched in Austria just five weeks ago, the new TV station CANAL+ FIRST has scored big from the start with 12- to 49-year-olds, with hit series like "Doc - Es liegt in deinen Händen" and an average reach increase of 156 percent since mid-March (from 0.11 to 0.28 average reach (in thousands). The figure is even surpassed by the 12+ target group, with growth of 207 percent since the station's launch.

"Our huge variety of offerings, with European and regional focuses of films, series and documentaries from all genres, is winning over Austrian TV viewers. From the very beginning, we have managed to be an exciting alternative with our content in the target group that is essential for CANAL+ FIRST," explains CANAL+ Managing Director Philipp Böchheimer.

"I am of course delighted with the extremely positive development of CANAL+ FIRST. The successful combination of top international formats and attractive Austrian content and the additional distribution via A1 and HD Austria is having an effect here and is helping us a great deal to market the channel in the best possible way," also says Josef Almer, Managing Director of Goldbach Austria.

With an average market share of 1.4 percent, the series "Doc - Es liegt in deinen Händen" clearly shows that well-chosen, strong content is the key to success. The Italian series is considered one of the most popular new European releases of the decade so far, and is now apparently meeting the taste of the Austrian audience as well. In addition to other series highlights such as "The Responder," "Vernon Subutex," "Countdown Copenhagen" and "Fleabag," CANAL+ FIRST viewers were especially captivated by the Italian series hero and the true story of doctor Pierdante Piccioni, who lost his memories of the previous twelve years after suffering a brain trauma and successfully fought his way back to life.

"What's special about our offering is that here in Vienna, a highly specialized team takes special care of Austrian TV consumers: we constantly tailor our content to the needs of the domestic audience, and can also draw from CANAL+'s worldwide pool of exclusive content. We have big plans for the coming months and want to further expand our market position with Austria-exclusive content and new domestic in-house productions," emphasizes Böchheimer.

CANAL+ is the first Austrian streaming service with its own linear TV channel CANAL+ FIRST and brings Austrian TV consumers a huge variety of European and regional films and series from all genres - and thus an exciting alternative to the US providers.

* Source MA: Source: AGTT/GfK TELETEST; Evogenius Reporting; 18.01.2022-02.05.2022; person-weighted; including VOSDAL/Timeshift; Standard; last 8 days prel. gew.