Three advertises with innovative mobile campaign

In order to pick up young target groups in particular in their own language, the full-service telecom provider Drei is the first mover to use the Vertical Video Swipe Ad from Goldbach Austria.

For the MyLife youth tariff campaign, Drei was looking for new mobile advertising formats suitable for Generation Z. The ad was developed by Goldbach. The choice fell immediately on the Vertical Video Swipe Ad from Goldbach, because the young target group could be reached outside of their social media channels, but still in the familiar look and with familiar usability.

The vertical video ad, which was created especially for the campaign, has an additional swipe function that allows interaction and encourages users to look at the advertising material more closely and to spend more time with it, using learned or even automated behavior. In the mobile sector in particular, it is a special challenge to attract and hold the attention of users.

The ad mechanics of this new Vertical Video Swipe Ads are based on the look & feel of popular social media channels, which are especially popular with the younger target group and whose mechanics are known and learned within these users.

"The campaign is played out within our Goldbach Mobile network. Thus, the ad simultaneously leverages the recognition value of the platforms of the young mobile users and the reach strength of our mobile network," Wolfgang Pernkopf, Sales Director Digital at Goldbach Audience Austria, summarizes the USP. "In addition to the CTR (click-through rate), the interaction rate and dwell time within the ad can also be shown for evaluation purposes," Pernkopf concludes, explaining the possibilities for measuring the success of the campaign.

Conception and implementation of the campaign

Responsible at Goldbach Audience Austria: Isabella Höninger, Key Account Manager Mobile

Responsible media agency: UM PanMedia Kommunikationsberatung und Mediaeinkauf GmbH, Maximilian Boyer

Responsible at Hutchison Drei Austria GmbH: Sabine Hiemetzberger, Head of Brands & Communication