Trend highlight September 2021


Conscious Eating

Feeding the ever-growing human race comes at an expensive price. The production of many foods places a heavy burden on the environment. To ensure that people are fed and the environment is protected at the same time, scientists are working tirelessly on new food production processes. In September's Trend News, you will find the most interesting approaches and solutions to this.

Vegan tuna made from dehydrated tomatoes

Madrid-based "faux fish" startup Mimic Seafood has launched a vegan tuna product called Tunato, made from dehydrated tomatoes flavored with olive oil, seaweed extract, spices and soy sauce, with a shape and size reminiscent of tuna used for sushi. The Tunato product has a meaty and tender texture like tuna and is also hard to distinguish from tuna in terms of taste. It can be used for sushi, poke, tartar, hummus, salads, tacos and much more.