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The new Goldbach DACH study on the use and distribution of Advanced TV is here!

Goldbach has conducted its 7th Advanced TV study in the DACH region. Awareness and use of CTV remains at a high level in the DACH region. Usage is particularly high among households with children and three-or-more-personhouseholds. This can also be seen in other aspects: the prevalence of smart access channels, the use of free and paid apps and the perception of advertising. On average, 2.2 people use the additional functions in front of the screen, which underlines the overall development towards a one-to-many medium.

More than half of those surveyed find advertising on connected TV acceptable and informative. Advertising on Connected TV has an activating effect, as a third of respondents remember the advertising and use it to find out about products and ultimately buy them.

Results on this and other aspects are highlighted in the "Goldbach Advanced TV Study 2024".

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